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How Rengineers Started


As a wind turbine maintenance technician, I saw a promising future for the wind energy sector. A vision that quickly took shape and is still evolving. “Optimization and pragmatism remained our distinguishing factors.” In 1996, we started an independent and brand-independent company specializing in the maintenance of wind turbines. It all began with small turbines like the Lagerwey 18/80. Shortly after its establishment, Joop was also asked to maintain larger turbines such as the Vestas V52. Starting as the Bettink Service Team, now transformed into Rengineers, a name that reflects the strength of every (R)engineer.
To make sustainable energy available to everyone, I started BestWatt, which is part of the Rengineers Group.
Curious how BestWatt started? Keep scrolling or read more on Rengineers’ website.
Joop Bettink

BestWatt vs Rengineers


”BestWatt: part of the Rengineers Group”

Rengineers specializes in managing and maintaining wind turbines. The goal: Sustainable energy for everyone. Because it’s not only cheaper but also more sustainable.


Why BestWatt?


The market demand for small wind turbines was increasing. BestWatt, located in Leer, Germany, manufactures and supplies small wind turbines ranging from 10-80 KW. Rengineers handles sales in the Netherlands, installation, and of course, maintenance. A complete solution for at least 25 years.



Services Offered


”BestWatt: Part of the Rengineers Group”


BestWatt is part of Rengineers, but offers a different range of services. The reason? BestWatt was founded to assist farmers with an energy solution consisting of solar, wind (small wind turbines), and storage.


Rengineers provides service and maintenance for large wind turbines as part of its service package.


Do you have any questions about Rengineers or BestWatt? Feel free to contact our advisors!

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At BestWatt, we understand that every wind energy project is unique, which is why we value personal contact highly. We’re here to guide and advise you, whether you have questions about the periodic maintenance of your wind turbines, optimizing energy yields, or overhauling outdated systems.
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