Small Wind Turbines

The Farm Mill

Our small wind turbines are up to 30 meters high (hub height). You benefit from the same technologies that make large wind turbines so profitable, but at much lower costs. Features include blades that rotate with the wind, a personal weather station providing information on wind direction and speed, and smart software that maximizes wind utilization. We carefully determine the right type of wind turbine based on your company’s energy needs and profile.

Type BW10 / BW45 / BW80
Capacity 10 kW / 45 kW / 80 kW
Hub Height 15 m / 20 m / 25 m / 30 m
Economic Lifespan 25 years
Technical Lifespan 35 years

We determine the wind speed based on the RVO Windviewer. Hub height and environmental factors (such as nearby forests or buildings) can significantly impact performance. The maximum hub height is subject to municipal regulations.

Solar Panels

Maximal Utilization, Without Net Metering

With BestWatt’s solar panels, you get the most out of the sun. We offer top-quality solar panels with high efficiency, providing a smart and profitable solution, especially when combined with one or more small wind turbines. This comprehensive solution ensures you generate the right amount of sustainable energy throughout the year.


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A Battery System

The Energy Storage of the Future

In a world where sustainability is increasingly important, companies are striving to embrace green energy sources. Some companies have already taken this step and have installed a wind turbine and/or solar panels. These green energy sources are a great start, but something essential is still missing: energy storage through a battery.


A battery is the missing link that allows companies to operate fully on green energy, without depending on conventional power. With an energy storage system, surplus energy generated by the wind turbine or solar panels can be safely stored. Additionally, with a battery, you save on a larger connection and it intelligently manages energy sales.


At BestWatt, we understand that investing in a battery can be an exciting step. That’s why we’re ready to personally visit you and provide comprehensive information about battery energy storage. We offer customized advice so that you can make an informed decision. Curious about the possibilities? Leave your details or contact us directly! Together, we can pave the way towards a sustainable and energy-independent future.