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BestWatt provides comprehensive solutions for businesses seeking to transition to self-generated electricity and enhance future sustainability. From initial project planning and installation to ongoing service and maintenance, we manage every aspect of your project under one roof.

Our offerings span the entire spectrum of sustainable energy solutions, from the BestWatt small wind turbine to the BestSun photovoltaic system and the BestStorage power storage system.

The synergy between BestWatt and BestSun ensures efficient energy supply day and night, throughout every season. Furthermore, our small wind turbine and photovoltaic system can integrate seamlessly with the BestStorage energy storage system. This not only allows for the storage of excess energy but also enables peak shaving by smoothing load peaks.

Our proprietary app provides real-time insights into your energy situation, empowering you with the information needed to optimize energy usage and prepare your business for the future.



Every situation is different. Just consider the wind speed, location, and permit policy. That’s why we prepare advisory meetings carefully. We assess the energy profile, location, and expected yield for solar and wind energy. Based on this, we determine the next steps: an advisory meeting on-site and a customized proposal, with the choice of self-investment or financing. Your current energy bill serves as a piggy bank for your new installation.


Rengineers is a dealer of BestWatt. Here, a team of 85 specialists work to builds, maintain, and monitor sustainable energy installations daily. Take a look at




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